On this page you will find lots of photos of Adam the Juggler in many guises. A few of these images might even be good. Have fun!

Crowd gathering is important to any show.
Walk this way!

In a kilt on Main Stage at  RPFS.
My 1st time in a kilt.

I'm wearing Chiefs first kilt on Mainstage at Renaissance Pleasure Faire South.

Fooling around at Heart of the Forest, Santa Barbara
Fool at Faire

Trying to bring back some magic for the participants at Ojai
Pirate hosting the Nightshow at Ojai

Tossing five balls on the
main stage at the
Pirate Fest in Ojai
Can he keep it up?

Audience member asks herself...why.

What are you gonna do with those?

One of my favorite things to do...in public.

Passing clubs with Rope Joe on a moving Moonswing at RPFS.

A mug shot only Adam could pull off.

That be Quite some mug there fella.

The audience can crack me up.

I wore Tommy's costume all of 2005 as a memorial to the man. Here I'm at the 2005 Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire in Tahoe.


This show really does have balls. Here I've got 5 of them.

On stage at Central Coast Ren Fest, after a few of us performers adjusted the canopy to improve the audiences view.

I'm smiling at the irony...I'm not sure why they are.
Women in Willits. If you only knew...well...wait for the movie.

Southern Faire soap operas.
Southern Faire beauties.

Even as evening comes, Adam is still fooling around.
Think she will forgive me for this next pinch
(out of view)?


Adam and his apple.
Adam feeding his apple to... a friend.

Good help is hard to find.
Stacy and me at the Juggling School at the Heart of the Forrest Faire, Santa Barbara, CA.


A of C Ren Fest in LV misspelled the name of my show...the Body Juggler.
The Bawdy Juggler demonstrates a tricky move.

I won!
For those of you that have to ask...Yes, I won "Mr Nude Int." in 1991.

Steve Gerdes demonstrates the three ball technique.
My first Juggling School at tenth annual
Last Southern Faire in Agoura, circa 1988.

Her one good trick is looking really cute.
My dog.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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